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Stupell Industries has been in business for over forty years, providing quality wall art and decorative accessories to a wide range of customers. Thanks to our growing network of artists, we are able to offer an impressive selection of looks, themes and categories of art. Located in Johnston, Rhode Island, our goal is to produce an American-made product that is both affordable for the average consumer and impressive enough for even the hardest-to-please decorator. We combine the pleasant experience and care of a small business with the know-how and distribution of one on a much larger scale, this way we can accommodate every customer, no matter how big or small.


 Alongside our fine domestic day-to-day operation, we are rapidly increasing our business with larger key accounts, thanks to our ability to produce decorative accessories overseas.


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We are able to offer both one of a kind art from in house artists as well as nationwide best sellers and popular looks from our licensed artist connections. Still don’t see what you like? No worries -  with some input from you and some magic from our artists, we will surely achieve the look you are going for.


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While we won’t be manufacturing the first canvas with built in 5G wifi anytime soon, we do have a wide range of items we can apply our art onto. Thanks to our multitude of factories, each of which specialize in different mediums, we can source and tailor just about anything in any category, to your liking.


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Cubing out containers, booking vessels, customs documents… we don’t exactly love it either. But we are willing and able to take care of all the headaches associated with direct import. We are happy to quote FOB West Coast or to your warehouse. If you would rather pick it up overseas, we are good with that, and will quote accordingly as well.


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We aren’t really so naive as to think we can command our own suggested wholesale price! You have your price points that attract your customer base, and you have your margin that satisfies your bottom line. We understand this and have learned to adapt so that we can offer a great product at the price you need.


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So, you need a new art vendor but aren’t ready to write a full container right off the bat? No problem! We can produce a test order in Rhode Island that will resemble a potentially bigger one down the road. You can run as many total pieces as you like, over as many styles as you like.

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     Father and Son duo Robert and Todd Stupell are the heart and soul behind the family-owned business, which has been going strong now for over forty years. 

     Robert has been involved with the business for the past thirty-five years, gaining a keen understanding of the industry, and what it takes to remain successful in the rapidly-changing world of business.

      In 2010, Robert was joined by his son Todd, a Babson College graduate who was anxious to come onboard and reinvigorate the business for decades to come. Todd’s business savvy and understanding of modern technology combines perfectly with Robert’s poise, vast network, and experience. It is no coincidence that since they teamed up, business has been solidified and has more going for it than ever before.

     Todd and Robert share a deep trust, allowing them to work together and leverage each other’s strengths on every aspect of the operation. Both enjoy their work immensely, and are found at the office almost every day – unless Robert is out golfing! This father and son are profoundly committed to their work and to each other, and both are thoroughly grateful for the opportunity to grow their family business!



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